2024 Summer Rising Applications

Summer Rising Applications open next week on MySchools.NYC
You Probably Have A MySchools Account
If you have ever applied for school (Pre-K, K, Kindergarten, Middle School) then you probably already have a MySchools Account.  Just go to MySchools.nyc and login.  If you need to, you can reset your password by entering the email you used to create your account.  Once you have logged into your MySchools Account, you will be able to apply for Summer Rising. 
If You Don't Have An Account, We Can Help
If you do NOT have a MySchools Account, please fill out the Family Support Form and select "MySchools Creation Code."  We will contact you with the information you need to create an account.
Don't Worry, You Have Time
The Summer Rising Application will be open until March 25th.  NO applications will be reviewed until after the deadline.  This means that you don't have to worry about getting your application in on the first day.  
Learn More At An Information Session
The DOE is providing information sessions for families to learn more about applying to Summer Rising.
DOE Summer Rising Information