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PA Minutes

CPE2 Parents Association Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
In Attendance: Julie Atwell, Naomi Smith, Mariaelena Chacón, Phil Traversa, Meagan Moore,
Toni Smith, Kim Meyer, Anand Gan, Janelley Gonzalez, Gema Imbert, Joan Esperance, Eduardo
Gonzalez, Hilda Candelario, Mike Lopez, Emily G., Magdalena López, Julie Youngblood, Vanda &
Layla, Jyoti
1. Fall Fair Recap
2. Fundraising
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Revised Budget Report
5. Principal’s report
6. Parent Coordinator’s report
7. Parent Questions
 Fall Fair Recap
o We received amazing support from parents, staff and students who
volunteered. Weather was fantastic. 
 Fundraising
o Contact PA with any ideas or desire to be part of a committee.
o Examples of fundraising activities: Spring/Fall fair, silver graphics
(deadline 11/30 for gift giving), photos/school pictures, raffles, t-shirt
sales, popcorn sales, auction (goods/services)-parent night, fund-drive,
giving Tuesday. Some activities were set aside due to pandemic.
o Proposed idea that Parent Night return.
o Donations are tax deductible
o Amazon programs (smile) are on hold until conflicts with benefits are
ironed out. Communication will be sent out once resolved.
 Treasurer’s report
o Fall Fair income: $4677.06
o Profit for Fall Fair: $1741.46
o Current Bank Account Balance: $64,998.12
 Revised Budget Report
o Voting on Proposed increase in budget: $15,537
o Majority – YES
 Principal’s report
o CPE2 works with many organizations to enrich the learning experience
for our students.
o In addition to in-school programs (e.g.: Dance, Drama, Phys Ed Teachers,
Musical Theater, Librarian, Visual Arts) enrichment activities beyond
school day programs includes:
 Recess Support: 21 st Century (4-8), Asphalt Green REP (K-3),
Tennis 3 rd , Swimming 2 nd , Basketball 6 th -8 th , Biking 5 th & 6 th , Running
CHAMPS K-5 th .
 Dance programs: 21 st Century Afterschool 4-8, Collaboration with
Julia K-3, Rosies Kids 5 th Grade
 Music/Drama: Percussion instruments and singing, Opus 118, 92 nd
St. Y 4 th grade, Broadway Jr. 6 th -8 th
 Environmental Programs: Ecology program, gardening, BioBus 6 th -
8 th , Camping, Water Stewardship program, Oyster project, Clear
water trip
 health and wellness: Go Healthy/Children’s Aid 3 rd & 5 th , Go
Chef/Children’s Aid 6 th -8 th , Taste of Rice/Randall’s Island Farm 1 st -
3 rd
 Parent Coordinator’s report
o CPE2 Website is running well. Sends emails and text simultaneously.
Anyone not receiving emails or text should send Julie updated contact
o Deadline for high school application is December 1 st .
o Contact Julie if you do not have a NYCSA (NYC School Account) account
or if you are not sure you have a NYCSA account. It’s a resource for
families to use. Account is different from My Schools Account.
o Julie suggest planning for the spring fair should begin soon. Possible
dates 4/29 or 5/6. Leaning on 5/6.
 Parent Questions
o Response to chat question: If there’s interest Julie is willing to put
together a middle school in person event about high school process.
o Response to chat question: Julie will make parent handbook easier to
find on website.
o Parent concern/suggestion: Send text with any delays with school bus.
o Response to parent question: Can school activities/events alternate
between Saturdays and Sundays? Challenge is that school depends on
support from Children’s Aid including man power. Much easier to get
assistance and support on Saturdays. Will look into other potential
o Response to chat question: Yes, senior trip is happening. It will be a day
trip. Students are part of decision. There is a fee which includes senior
activities but school is prepared to support every student financially.
o Response to parent question: Function of ‘progress reports’
 First report is called goal setting report: brief look at how a child is
doing and what may be some goals to work on.
 February is a bigger report because assessments have been used
and teachers know students better.
 June is end of year report.
 4 th grade end of year report used for middle school admissions
 7 th grade end of year report used for HS admissions
CPE2 Parents Association Meeting Minutes
Saturday, October 15, 2022
10:30 AM
In attendance: Anand Gan, Phil Traversa, Naomi Smith, Julie Atwell, Marielena Chacón,
Sandralis Gines, Chatarra Hamlett-Yates, Karen Romero-Green, Megan Moore, Irene Cedeño,
Quincy Yates, Rhina Valentín, Kimberly Meyer, Melody Sidberry, L. Torres, Darren Lang, Marjan,
Mercedes Wilson, Vanda Jones, Evelis Galarza, Eliza, Vishwanie Persaud, Gema Imbert.
1. Fall Fair- Event will be held at CPE2 yards on Saturday, October 22 from noon to 4:00
pm. BBQ, Inflatables, live music, crafts will all be present. Discussion about need to
promote and bring in rummage, potluck foods and volunteers. Questions about ticket
and bracelet sales. Reminder to buy bracelets and tickets online and save time and
money. Emphasis will be on fundraising this year. Naomi reminded everyone that there
will be financial assistance to families who request it.
2. Treasurer’s Report – Presented by Megan Moore. Current CPE2 PA bank account
balance at $62, 678.66. No income yet this year but that should change with Fall Fair
earnings. New expenses included Parent’s Breakfast and deposit for fall fair inflatables.
3. Principal’s Report – Presented by Naomi Smith. Presentation about Title I Federal Aid
Program and CPE2 use of these funds to address educational needs of all students and
improve school, insuring all children a high-quality education, meeting state academic
achievement standards and assessments, and fostering parent engagement, insuring
supplies and professional development for staff. Evelys Galarza (chairperson) and
Kimberly Meyer (alternate) stepped up to fill positions of Title I Parent Advisory Council
Representatives for CPE2.
4. Parent Coordinator’s Report- Presented by Julie Atwell. Website updates were given,
and parents were reminded the CPE2 handbook and calendar are available at website,
which is up and running well and has gotten attention of several teachers who wish to
use to establish class pages. Talk of High School Application process start, with
information about deadlines, testing/ auditioning for selective schools, importance of
starting research early. Parents were encouraged to talk to Parent Coordinator Julie if
assistance/ information is needed. Plea to fill out survey regarding Middle School
screenings and reminder that CPE2 is not a screened middle school. District 4 had its
Back-to-School event. NYCSA accounts and the importance of having and becoming
familiar with them as they are essential for forms, have pertinent info about each
student, including grades, attendance, etc. and will be used more in the future by DOE.
Contact Julie if anyone does not have an account. Also contact Julie if not receiving
messages or texts from CPE2 with reminders of important upcoming events.
5. Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 16 at 6:30 pm.
Meeting concluded at 11:15 am.
CPE II Parents Association Meeting
Wednesday, September 21st, 2022
Meeting minutes
In attendance: Philip Traversa, Megan Moore, Janelly Gonzalez, Joan Esperance, Kim Meyer,
Florence Bradley, Karen Romero, Elizabeth Rijos, Naomi Smith, Shaherrah Berry, Joan
Esperance, Evelis Galarza, Gema Imbert, Marielena Chacon, Carolyn Castro, Naiyun Hsu, Keerat
Kaur, Tarum Singh, Orianna Stracuzzi, Vanda Jones, Eduardo Gonzalez, Vandy and Layla (?).
1. Meeting convened 6:30 pm
2. President’s Welcome (Phil Traversa)
3. Reading of agenda (Joan Esperance)
4. Introduction of Executive Board Members
5. CPE2 Picnic: Scheduled for Friday 9/30 at 5:00 pm at Central Park’s East Meadow. We are
looking forward to more community events/ community building.
6. Fall Fair: Scheduled for 10/22. Discussed emphasizing fundraising this year and making a big
push for volunteers. Repeat of rummage, inflatables, BBQ, crafts, live music.
7.Treasurer’s Report (Megan Moore). Current expenses included Parents Welcome Breakfast.
No income generated yet this year. Current balance $62,978.66. Proposed budget for the year
presented. Questions from participants regarding tech budget (new website), graduation
expenses and what that covers, art funding and what that covers (violin, Rossy’s kids, bit of a
“cushion”category). Budget voted on and passed (15 yays out of 25).
8. Parent Coordinator Report: Julie Atwell present a demo of new website, its features,
capabilities. Parts are still under construction. Website includes Parents Handbook, which has
all info needed by CPE2 families (hours, policies, contact info, etc). High school application
process was discussed. It has yet to be to begin and no updated info is at hand, most likely until
October, when process has usually started in the past. Julie pushed for 8 th and 7 th grade families
to start researching schools, finding out those that require tests or auditions. Families can reach
out to Julie for help. District 4 event announced. NYCSA accounts discussed, as well as their
importance, how to get one and how more and more is feeding into NYC Students accounts and
this is expected to continue expanding. Again, Julie asked that people reach out to her if help is
needed with accounts.
9. Principal’s Report: Naomi Smith greeted everyone and expressed excitement for new year.
Stated that CPE2s goal is to bring joy to its students. Spoke of upcoming community building
activities, 5-year grant through 21 st century Learning centers program and how it will translate
to extra support and benefits for students, Children’s Aid. Spoke about still present Covid
protocols: PA meeting will continue to be virtual, proof of vaccination required to go into
building, masks optional but encouraged.
10. New co-President Janelly Gonzalez introduced herself.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.